Appreciation thread for fooood

oops this was originally a thread for unpopular opinions but then i realized it was againsts the rules so now it is this. :slight_smile:

i love nachos heehee

  • Rant/”Unpopular Opinion” threads.

It’s against rules.

I really agree with the cardi she literally admitted on camera to drugging men and faced no consequences for it but if it was a man he would be “canceled” but some of my unpopular opinions are

I think “canceling” people isn’t a real thing
Kanye gets too much hate
Cardi is overrated and has no talent
Bacon is disgusting
Even if you look good if your personality is bad it makes you so unattractive
SOME kpop fans can be hella annoying


oh yea i just read the guidelines whoops.

  • Pop Culture is shit, confusing, and I can’t stand it.
  • Cardi B ripped off a song, and gave NO credit to the original version.
    Original Version - I Like It Like That:

    Her Version - I Like It:

    (Hmm… No credits… Let’s try the end of the video-)

    (Surprise, surprise… Bitch.)
  • Hip Hop/Rap Music is garbage.
  • BoRhap is over-rated (I mean the movie, I love Queen).
  • Snapchat is… Just… NO.
  • Weeaboo is a hilarious word.

lol you might want to delete that same to you @Slater

i didnt realize it was against guidelines… but i made this thread to something we all love

I like any food I can afford

me too. i wish i could get some hot cheetos rn :sob:

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Nacho’s are my favourite food as well. :v:t4:

I can always have a big mac :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

I love hot Cheetos!! Better than Takis lol

Based on some of the responses including the sentence you kept in your op post there seems to be some confusion regarding what your thread is about. Going to close this, feel free to create another Appreciation thread for food if you want, just make sure to include info regarding what the thread is about and not discuss things that violate the forum rules. Thanks :v: