Appreciation Thread For Jem! ❤

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My Limelight & ink details

My Limelight:


Both character detail cards created by the wonderful @FlowerGriefer :chef: :circus_tent: :icecream: :tulip: :sparkling_heart:

Yes, I thought I’d post my details on this appreciation thread so I can easily link it when I need them on another thread :rofl: :blob_hearts:


I needed a place to put them so here I go haha :blob_sun:

Gathered a list of Tutorials/helpful threads I made + workshops:

  1. HOW TO: Spotlight Format
  2. HOW TO: Stage Direction
  3. HOW TO: Color Code and Lock A Choice
  4. HOW TO: Remember Who the MC Talked To
  5. Using Tappable Overlays in a Mannequin Template 💙
  6. HOW TO: Have Choices Without Dialogue 🗯 💫
  7. HOW TO: Reset Story Progress + Bonus Stuff :blob_sun:
  8. HOW TO: Resize Images
  9. HOW TO: Nested Choices
  10. HOW TO: Place Characters in a Bath
  11. UNDERSTANDING: Script + Display Names
  12. HOW TO: Simple Choices
  13. HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]
  14. HOW TO: Weather Effects
  15. HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤
  16. HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk 🪑 🎓
  17. HOW TO: Have Character(s) Appear in a TV
  18. HOW TO: Rear Animations
  19. HOW TO: Customize Characters
  20. Tip: Upside Down Code 🎃
  21. Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots
  22. HOW TO: Transitions
  23. HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊
  24. HOW TO: Make the Camera Shake
  25. HOW TO: Get The End of An Animation
  26. HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :disco:
  27. HOW TO: Check Out Previous Drafts You Saved
  28. HOW TO: Use Thought Bubbles + Have Characters talk while doing an animation
  29. HOW TO: Using Filter
  30. HOW TO: Pause A Scene
  31. 🖤 TEMPLATE: Showing Individual Character Points in A Choice 🤍
  32. CODE: Talking to 7 People and Remembering :cake4:
  33. HOW TO: Deal with the 'Game State on a different platform' error message 🌹
  34. HOW TO: Replay A Story 🧞‍♀
  35. HOW TO: Check The Author's Profile on Episode 🐺 💖
  36. HOW TO: Get the Certified Badge
  37. HOW TO: Basics of Instagram
  38. HOW TO: Create Polls
  39. Follow A Directing Guide for How To's
  40. Homework Help Resources
  41. Practice Creating Mini-CC templates! ❤ (CLOSED)
  42. 🍀 HOW TO: Choice Inside Choice :yay:
  43. JemU776's Help Thread
  44. 🌷 Tip: Using NARR in your story 🐧
  45. 🍰 The Cake Beside Your Name 🎂

I’m pretty sure I have like one or two missing but that’s because I have a lot of tutorials. Hope these help (and yes, this is a repost from my Help Thread) :balloon:

:gem: An Edit, I’d love to add these ones as well :gem:

  1. HOW TO: Message Someone, Put Account on Private + Extra Stuff :blob_sun:

  2. HOW TO: Have Your Overlay Come in from Offscreen + Workshop 🦄 💜 :unicorn: :purple_heart:

  3. :blob_hearts: HOW TO: Use A Built-In Overlay :blob_hearts:

  4. HOW TO: Deal with the Overlay Brightness Issue


We love you Jem :heart:


Love you, Jem :blob_hearts:


Continuing… :yellow_heart:

Share Feedback/Review Threads:

  1. 🎃 Ren and Jem’s Proof-Reading Workshop (TEMP CLOSED) 🎃
  2. 🍭 Jem's Description Workshop 🍭
  3. EpyXMagic Group IG Account Openings 🦄 ✨ (Group is finalized)
  4. ✨ The Givers Club ✨ (closed)
  5. 🦄 JemU776's Magical Reviews (Temp Closed) 🍭
  6. Passable Covers and Profile Pics Workshop ❤
  7. Jem Reviews Un-Published Stories :kiwi: (CLOSED)
  8. Overlays Workshop (CLOSED)
  9. "Editing A CC template that Works For you" Workshop 🍬 (CLOSED)
  10. Share your underrated stories here (JemU776’s Underrated Recommendations portion here ^^)
  11. 💕 Two Sentence Club (TEMP CLOSED) 💕

A helpful forums tutorial thread: HOW TO: Use Discourse Checklist 💜 💙 :rose: :yellow_heart:


Main IG:

Reviewing IG:

Directing Help and Tips IG:

Group IG where I’m a leader, script templates creator and directing helper:

Tag me (or PM me) anytime you need help, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand! Also, feel free to check out my linktree, it has tons of helpful resources/links, merci and have a lovely day :chef: :blob_sun: :cake4:


@amberose and @LiyahxWrites love you guys, too and thank you :chef: :blob_hearts:


Oh my God, did I mention that you are amazing? :scream:


Hey Jem!

Thank you for the emotional support or for the boost, You believed in me while I booed myself down, and I appreciate that, you never fail to support and help everyone, we need more people like you irl and in internet since it’s rare, very rare. Anyways, Ily and I’m grateful that I met you :hugs:


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Sending my appreciation :wave::kissing_heart:


I want to add another help thread I made: HOW TO: Message Someone, Put Account on Private + Extra Stuff :blob_sun:

@QueenMilii Thank you, ilysm, you are an amazing friend :heart_eyes:

@CoraMae Merci :blob_hearts:

Edit: I’d also love to add this one: HOW TO: Have Your Overlay Come in from Offscreen + Workshop 🦄 💜 :unicorn: :purple_heart:

Another Edit, adding this one, too: :blob_hearts: HOW TO: Use A Built-In Overlay :blob_hearts: :yay: :blob_sun:

Another edit lol :joy: I added these above in the post that contains links to pretty much every of my how to tutorials and help threads (might be a few missing but in my defense, I have a lot of threads) :gem: :joy: :blob_hearts:

ilysm guys :yay: :blob_hearts:


Thank you help me out .you so blessed I am so happy o got good friends talk to you always be in my heart :heartbeat: miss talk you .only person love for a best friend in my life you change me .think you all your support .but still need your s sister .

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@JemU776 you’re the best person ever! Everything about you is out of this world positive! You’re like a bright shining star in this community (and the entire universe :sob:)! :star2: You’re always there for everyone, always helping and a great friend to literally everyone. :heart: You’re doing so much for this community, I can’t even describe it. :star_struck: :heart_eyes: You’re also the most caring and loving person ever! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re a great writer and coder too, awesome, cool, Wonder Woman. :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

You’re the best friend I could’ve ever asked for and you’re making my episode experience better and better day by day! I love youuu so much and I know that I’m not the only one. :sparkling_heart: :heart: :two_hearts: You’re my bffl, buffalo, Francophile, Wonder Woman, badass, queen, influencer, inspiration, elf, teammate, helper, Gemini, twin, bouncer (ugh… gravity) and a lot more! :heart_eyes: :yellow_heart: Love you the mostestestxinfinity, I appreciate you a lot!


Have an awesome 2020! :yay: :tada: I can’t wait to see everything you will accomplish! :star_struck: Good luck! Not that you need it :blob_hearts:

AND WE WILL TRAVEL THE WORLD TOGETHER!!! :smiling_imp: :two_hearts:


I’m speechless :pleading_face: I love you so much @fraud , wait, I should say I love you mostestestxinfinity, which is totes a word in our dictionary :wink: :blob_hearts: you’re very supportive of me and when I need you to test codes, you read all my stories on both platforms :laughing: :blob_hearts: and you’re always willing to lend a helping hand and waking up to your messages is literally the best thing ever in the morning :heart_eyes: YES, IT’S TRUE, I’M A FAN OF WONDER WOMAN AND I LOVE ELVES VERY MUCH, you super smart bunny :yay: :avocado_love: Hope you have a very amazing 2020 as well, you helpful, kind, funny cute soul :kissing_heart: And I’m so looking forward to traveling the world together :smiling_imp: :two_hearts: You’re a very positive light in this community and I’m so happy I met you, you rock, you superstar :metal2:

Much love, your buffalo, JemU776 :chef: :blob_hearts: BTW this is a letter, not an essay :rofl: :sparkling_heart: :smirk: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :blob_hearts:


I see you couldn’t stop yourself! :laughing: :heart_eyes: I love you sooo much! :sparkling_heart: :purple_heart: :two_hearts: :yellow_heart: :dizzy: And will definitely leave a more detailed comment on this later :kissing_heart:



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I’m so honored, @fraud found my first few posts on the forums :joy: :blob_hearts: Have fun studying, ily :yay: