Appreciation thread for JemU776


@JemU776 is a really nice person and a very good author.
She read my stories when I virtually had zero reads. Thank you so much JemU776 you are one of the kindest people in the episode community


Yes. They act like a mod even if they don’t mean to. They’re just really great.


@Gina123, you’re a very nice person too, and an amazing writer!
You didn’t need to make this : ) I really appreciate it so much though and will always be here for you, if you need help with something or want me to check out a new story you’ve been working on. I love helping people, and will try my best at making sure their problem is solved.
Honestly, there are so many wonderful people on the forums who are fantastic at aiding others-it’s a great place to chat, help, share-we’re like one big family : )
I love this community, and thank everyone for being wonderful and very helpful :wink:

Support and be kind to one another are both awesome things that we have the power to do