Appreciation thread for JemU776


just one thing for you these lines suits you too well @JemU776

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Honestly, amazing, cool, funny, brilliant, all words still coming to my mind for this lovely person. @JemU776 :tada::confetti_ball::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::fire:

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Thank you for your kind words :heart_eyes_cat::kissing_cat:

I appreciate you a lot, you have no idea how much <3 <3 <3

You’re smart, talented, funny, helpful, honestly the list of amazing, wonderful things you are can go on and on :sunglasses:

I’m happy that I met you and your words really brighten up my day (mostly night since I’m a night owl and awake during that time period :rofl: )

JUST KEEP BEING YOUR AWESOME SELF, YOU ROCK! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:

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Like this!

@JemU776 you are one of my favorite people on the forums. I wish I had friends like you when I was teenie bopper :hearts: You’re just so kind and positive and I know you might think I am, but I’m really not but you inspire me to be kind and positive (more like you). Thank you for always offering to go the extra mile for literally everyone xx


This is really sweet of you to say, you’re an amazing friend and I am so thankful I met you. I love you a lot. You mean a lot to me, and you are indeed very supportive and inspiring and kind (don’t be too modest). Like someone opened a review thread because they were inspired by you, and you help out so many people, whether it be directing or reviews or for something else-your reviews are detailed and very encouraging. Not a lot of reviewers would do that (and some are scammers lol). Bless you, you are one of the kindest people I know and a Queen. I really admire how you’re not afraid to speak your mind and will stick up for what you believe in. I have only positive stuff to say about you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

I’m proud to call you my best friend and have you part of my Forums family (No, we don’t need to write this in our bios) :laughing:

I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, YOU AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL PERSON :kissing_cat: :revolving_hearts:


I should flag you for being off topic (This thread is about you)

Aw Jem, you’re gonna make me cry! :sob: I’m so happy you consider me part of your un-official forum family that doesn’t need to be included in our bios, because I too, have always considered you a sister from another mister who I don’t include in my bio hehe. So nice to know the feeling’s mutual.

I hope people see this and are jealous of me because I have a friend like you :kissing_heart:

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