Appreciation thread for Queen Cee 🤍

Happy birthday Cee! :blob_hearts:

First of all, the fact that nobody has made you an appreciation threads makes me want to throw hands. So, you get to have a two in one special because you’re amazing. Now on to the sentimentals, I want to start by saying how I adored you way before we became friends. I think I starting to admire you back on the College-ish thread. Your witty comments and banters were amazing. A girl talking shit about episode? knew you were a woman after my own heart. I was your top most liked and commented to, and you were mine. I knew that I would grown to love your ass.

Not going to lie, you scared the hell out of me. I was glad to be on the same side with you as opposed to being on the other end of the stick. I guess we have Amber to thank because she made the Jealous Cows, and that’s how our friendship blossomed. I think you’re so underappreciated in this community and it makes me mad because I want the whole community to know about you :weary: Then again, I’m fine with you being our little secret. Seriously, Cee, you’re amazing and you help keep me/us sane in this problematic toxic insane community. I’m glad we’re friends, and I’m honored to be considered one of your friends. I also have you to thank for sinful desires, that story was based on your comments on the common scenes on the forums, lmao. I hope you have an amazing birthday. You deserve it all. :white_heart: :blob_hearts:

~~Your gift will come in a bit. I’m working hard, but my migraine is working harder.

I love you, my jealous cow :smirk_cat: @Cee


Excuse me, all positivity vibes on this thread only. It’s an inside thing we have between us.


Happy birthday @Cee :confetti_ball::tada:


Oooo I don’t really know you, Cee, but I have appreciated all your input that I’ve seen on the forums. You have a really clear way of articulating yourself and have far more patience than I do to do so. Hope your birthday is filled with love & light. Congrats on living another year in this very bizarre world!




Okay, Cee, since this is also an appreciation post, you are incredibly amazing, always speaking your mind on topics, working hard on your stories and always there to help and support others if needed/wanted to. I hope you have a an awesome birthday, stay safe and enjoy your day to the fullest. :sunglasses: :100: :raised_hands:t3:


Happy Birthday!! :partying_face: :tada:


@OreoBiscuit, @hibiscusgravy, @Jenaco, @lanafrazer_episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you!!!

And thank you so much, @LiyahxWrites!!! I love you :sob::two_hearts:


@Cee :white_heart:

I know this isn’t your usual look, but I wanted to turn you into a soft girl :heartpulse:


Thank you! I love how colorful it is. :slight_smile::butterfly:


Of course! :white_heart: :blob_hearts:


I saw the Cake icon on @Cee’s profile earlier today, but IDK why I haven’t given you the congrats yet, so happy birthday :partying_face:

I love how the two of us can get a conversation going with the various batcrap insane stories Episode releases. You always make good points that I haven’t thought about before, and I really am Glad for it.


so cute! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! :two_hearts:


Just as Aaliyah had said

Mainly because you were one of those people not afraid to tell it like it is and I knew whenever I saw your profile pic under a topic, some shit was going down. And while at times I wanted to jump in and join, I would just end up sitting back and being like “Best not get it in the way.” :skull:

But then Amber yeeted us together and I realized you weren’t gonna drop kick me over the internet.

But no one can deny that you’re one of the most prominent voices on here who is able to articulate their point with a level head and I don’t know how the hell you do it! :sparkles:Magic :sparkles:…or impeccable self control & maturity.

Happy Birthday

Yep, I took ONE thing you mentioned on ONE occasion and ran with it for these edits :joy:


Happy birthday Cee :heart: I am glad to call you a friend and hope you have a great day lovie :blush:


So if anyone feels that Cee is underappreciated in the community, I feel like this is the right time for me to say that even if we are usually active in different threads, I certainly know about her and I secretly love her posts.

Happy birthday Cee :partying_face:


Mochi ice cream so big even my cat can’t steal it! Thank you, @XxAlphaBetaxX! I would never drop kick my shoulder devil. :smiling_imp:

And thank you @ParkLow_G! Every time I find myself thinking “What did I just read??” I can always count on you to confirm that it wasn’t just a fever dream I had. :joy:

Thank you, @amberose! I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thanks, @Annieways! I know about you and like your posts too! :slight_smile:


This is soooooo cute!! :sob::heartpulse:


bump :white_heart: you’re amazing!