Approval of cover photos

How long has the typically picture upload taken for everyone?
I’ve started writing my story 05/20 I believe, and of course I have edited my cover photo today.
After the 5 days the original one was up though, nothing was approved yet and still stated pending.

Do these photos typically take a while to be approved?

(I have cover photos, background photos, plus pending).


When there’s contests, it can take a little while to get stuff approved.
Same with holidays.
Sometimes it takes 2-3 days.
Sometimes a week.

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I agree…
My some backgrounds are in review for the past two days but aren’t approving…
And to talk about the other they got approved in 3 to 5 days max for me


Alright! I just didn’t know if there was something wrong, or the typically length. Hopefully after the holidays they will be approved.

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Have any of your photos been approved yet? I know it’s only Tuesday. :slight_smile:

I just got an email today…

My photos have not been approved yet, it’s been 2 wks

Sometimes it can take months