Approval wait time is tragic

It’s been officially a week since I uploaded and I just needed this one overlay approved to publish my new episode :zzz:

Anyone else in the waiting club? :sleeping:


I am, it’s been a week and I really wanna update with Amberose’s cc template she gifted me but I know that I need to be patient :sob:


Hahahah! I can’t even put my own one in yet :sweat_smile:


Someone I know finally had approvals go through after 11 days :skull:

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oof :face_vomiting:

It took me 23 days for a 2 backgrounds even though it was an episode background that I just changed the colours on :weary:

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…i shouldnt be complaining :zipper_mouth_face:

Closed for being a duplicate thread. Please conduct a search for your topics prior to creating a thread because chances are it has already been addressed. Thanks all :v: