Approved Backgrounds


I’ve been waiting 5 days for my customised background to be approved, how long does it usually take to be approved?

Thanks :slight_smile:




it takes 1 week or 2


but for overlay it takes 2 days


It depends really…
When I started uploading backgrounds it took around 5 days to approve it…
But now I uploaded a background a day before yesterday and it was approved today,…
So, it depends if you will ask me…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


My overlay got approved within a night (That Chay made) if you will ask me…
So it depends as well…


Oh that’s not too bad, thank you. It’s the first one I’ve uploaded😁


Hi! The review team tries to get all art assets reviewed and approved within 5-7 days, but if there’s a high amount of art being submitted (such as when contests are going on) the process can take longer. Please be patient and I’m sure you’ll be hearing back about your backgrounds soon! Thanks :slight_smile: