Approving backgrounds and overlays


I’m sorry if I’m writing this in the wrong category!

I’m curious about how the Episode team approves our backgrounds and overlays. There is so much content uploaded each day, and it usually gets approved really fast. Does Episode use an application or software to check if the image is copyrighted? How can you make sure no one steals images from Google, or any other copyrighted source?

I’m just curious about the process, and it crosses my mind each time I search for free images :smiley:


@Liz and @Trinady
Do you guys know how it works? Because if it’s like, a team of people doing it, I’ve been uploading tons of overlays recently and they’re getting approved super fast and I need to pass on my kudos to them if they’re living breathing humans, because damn… I’m making a lot of work for them.


I know, right? I uploaded a bunch yesterday, and they were approved within an hour! If it’s automatic, I’d love to hear more about how it works.


lmao, I’ve been uploading the same overlay up to 10 times, and I feel so bad if they are real people checking xD

EDIT : Just so this didn’t sound crazy, I needed 10 cloud overlays.


Can confirm! All your backgrounds and overlays are indeed approved by living, breathing, hard-working human beings! :slight_smile:

They check all your images to make sure they follow content guidelines, and approve or reject them within 72 hours/3 days of being submitted (so actually submitting multiple identical copies of the same image doesn’t get your image approved any faster - it actually slows our reviewers down!)

The team definitely deserves all your appreciation and consideration when submitting images!


Hi Episodians! I am the Woman Behind the Curtain for the image reviewer team. I passed this on to them because they need to know when they are appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Wooow, this is really something! Kudos to those hard workers that look through and approve all of our images :slight_smile:


Truly, we do appreciate all of your hard work! You may not always get to see how grateful/excited we are about the results of your work, but be assured that, if any of the other creators are like me, we all get a little thrill whenever I’ve of our images get approved (and maybe do a happy dance in our computer chairs? …no? Just me?)

You guys are such an important part of our creative process, so thanks so much! We all owe you!


Hehe… Guess I owe an apology to the human who had to review all of my letter overlays. :sweat_smile:


It’s not just you! I remember when my last backgrounds got approved and I was able to publish my first story (not so long ago), there was definitely some happy dancing :smiley:


It’s true, there is nothing quite like the joy of having your last overlays/backgrounds approved and being able to publish😍


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