Apps for making custom background (COMPUTER)

Okay so i want to start making custom backgrounds but i need some apps I would like some free and ones I have to pay for!

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You can bust get any free editing app

As for editing if you dont draw objects yourself. Make sure what you use is copyright free

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Im using cleanpng and pixlr for my custom backgrounds but I don’t know if I can trust clean png


Gimp! - Free
I downloaded it after watching a Joseph Evans tutorial and now couldn’t use anything else honestly!
Once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy and 100% safe no viruses or anything
In my opinion its like a free version of photoshop


If you’re good at painting and drawing, Inkscape is a good option.
If you’re good at manipulating pictures (or other words, photoshopping), gimp is more friendly.

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