Aprill's Overlays/Covers/Splashes (CLOSED... for now)


Hello everyone! I am available to make you an overlay, background, splash, cover, or whatever you want. If you want something, just fill out one of the request forms below. I also have a couple examples of my work below. If I make something that doesn’t work for you or if you just don’t like it, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I will change it until it looks the way you want it to look. I also will not be offended if you choose not to use my work, I understand that things don’t always work out. Please let me know if I can help you! :sunglasses:

I never require credit, but I always appreciate it (which is new for me)

Overlay Request Form

Description: Just a brief description of what you want should be enough for the overlays

Background Request Form

Nigh or Day:
And any other details you specifically want

Cover Request Form

Story Title:
Author Name:
NOTE: If you could send me a picture of the character you would like in HIGH QUALITY that would be great. If not, it’s perfectly fine and I can create them, but my computer does not save in super high quality (if someone knows how to fix that, tell me your ways!)
Characters (I can also make one without episode characters on it):

Splash Request Form

Description of what you want:




My Background Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=179IvXPIcaDcqucT4v_YSbI1hJRC_Jaqn


Nice stuff you’ve got there!


Want to join a group


Not at the moment, but thanks for offering!


Which group, may I ask?


Episode helpers


Oh! I’m the Vice President of Episode Helpers! Haven’t heard of me?


Thank you so much! I’ve seen your art around on here, and I just want to say that it is absolutely beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking, do you use pixlr to create them? Or do you use a different program?


Thank YOU! I don’t use pixlr at all, though. I wish I could make character edits, but that’s how I was made. :woman_shrugging: I use my MacBook and my laptop has a few tricks that you could use for a beautiful cover!


I am bumping this because I changed my description to be more detailed. To accompany this post here are some adorable dogs. Enjoy! :blush:


Aww, those cute pups have just made my day! By the way, I’m April, too! LOL.

Jokes aside, are you still taking requests? I’m desperately in need of a background or two.


Of course! Lol I haven’t had any request but I’ve been dying for one. What do you need? :grin:


Ah yay! This might be very difficult, so it’s completely fine if you won’t be able to do it. (No disrespect to your skill in any which way)

Do you think you’d be able to make INT. HOTEL LOBBY MARBLE - NIGHT all wooden? Like replace all the marble with wood? Only the floors and pillars mostly, the rug and things can be left as it is. Hope it’s doable. :sweat_smile:


Okay! I should have it done in like 20-30 minutes.


Omg thank you! I hope it’s not too much work…


Here you go! It’s a little strange looking and I had to get rid of the carpet, so let me know if you want me to change anything or try and add the carpet back in. Thanks for your request! :blush:


Can you make a confidential file overlay?
but make sure it art is consistent with the articles in the Background Newspaper Headlines background.
Could you have on that’s closed with the word confidential and another with it open, but there’s nothing in it?
Something like this?

But I also need it to mask with the background News Headlines! or you can remove the watermarks?Thanks
(Yes, I’ve asked this before, but I don’t think that user is active.)


Okay! Just to make sure you mean the episode background INT. NEWSPAPER HEADLINES - DAY right? Would the file be on top of the newspaper?




It’s great, thank you! But it still doesn’t have that creepy kinda look I wanted it to have. Will changing the color of the wall or something help?