Aprill's Overlays/Covers/Splashes (CLOSED... for now)


Thanks again! :relaxed:


Don’t worry about it!


HI!! Can I pm for a request of an arm overlay?


Of course!


Thank you!! Ill pm you right now


That’s totally Okay. Thatnk you for your time and hard work!


@marinapantaz I finished your cover! Would you like me to make any changes?

Your cover

@Jill_Popsicle I should be done with your cover sometime tomorrow.


@aprill Thank you! The “My best friend next door” for @marinapantaz cover looks so good by the way)
BTW. What about the overlay with a burnt male torso (taupe)? I see you have a lot of requests here, so if you could tell me what app or website you use I could as well try and do it myself :wink:


Oh my god!! I’m soo in love with it!! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: It’s perfect. Do you think you could make the same thing but make it fit for a small cover too? I love it!! @aprill


Description: Teenage bedroom (Girl)
Day and night
3 zones
I’d like the room purple or light blue


@marinapantaz Sure! I’ll do it after my next cover request if that’s okay.

@Jill_Popsicle I actualy made it a while ago, I just forgot to share it. Let me know if this is okay, sorry for the wait!


@lucybc Would you like me to edit a preexisting episode background? Or would you like me to create a new one?


A new one, please :slight_smile:


@lucybc Here is your background, let me know if you would like me to change absolutely anything.


@Jill_Popsicle Here is your large cover. Let me know if you would like anything changed or if you would like a small cover!

Large Cover

@marinapantaz Here is your small cover! Like always, let me know if you would like anything changed.

Small Cover


@aprill Thank you so much for the overlay and the cover. I like them and I will use them and give you credit. I actually confused small cover with a large cover, cause I needed a small cover. But I will resize the large cover you made and I will have both!. Thank you so much for your work!

P.S. How did you make this? What website or software did you use?:28d14c214b83c63425079208b973ff027962edeb_1_690x480


@aprill OOps, I tried to resize it, didn’t quite work… To save your time: How do I turn it into small cover?


I think you tagged the wrong person hehe. @aprill ^^


Hi, could I request a background edit.

Description: Could you please turn the background to night and look the whole building is set on fire and another edit of a fire truck parked on the lawn (still on fire).
Nigh or Day: Turn I to night please.
Zones: all 3
And any other details you specifically want: I would like the campus to be on fire



@aprilish I did tag the wrong person) but not really. Because I have finished the 3 chapters of Silhouettes. So, I’ll PM you my review soon)


Ooh, wow! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! :laughing:


@aprill thank you so much! :smile: looks amazing! only, and if it’s possible a desk with a computer/laptop at the bottom down the shelf and can you make it night too? if it’s possible of course :slight_smile: