Aprill's Overlays/Covers/Splashes (CLOSED... for now)


The time era would be in the Victorian ages!


@azariasin Here you go!

Police Car png

@moldo5222 How are these?

Background and Overlays


@KMepi Are these okay, or would you like a different angle?




I need your help!

I need that desk in this background. Thank you in advance!


Like this? I can also do it without the chair or with the chair as a separate overlay.


UPDATE: Ugh, I’ve been having a lot of problems with pngs showing up as jpgs lately. If this shows up as a jpg, here is a link to my drive where I uploaded the same overlay. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Dcbfb2g0Z6TrdeFH-8J9FYvIX9JR_udn


Thank you so much! its exactly what i’ve wanted, you saved me tons of time :blush:


Your good and thank you. I’ glad everything went well with the surgery!


Can the chair be a dark oak, and from feet up☺ thanks


Hey, I need an background edit
So, I would like the river in this, a little bit bigger so that a boat can fit on it. I would like it to look like it’s a stream


Hi @Tiny.Writes I’m not quite finished with it, but is this what you were looking for? Let me know what you think!

Art Scene

@Mya1357 I think I can do that! I just may need to change some other stuff as well to get it all to look good and fit.


Its Amazing but i might have forgotten to tell you her hair color…:no_mouth:sorry, the hair is black


Haha it’s okay, you didn’t tell me so I just took a guess. I’ll make sure to change it.


I was wondering if anyone has an overlay thats a motorcycle with a pearson on it?


I also need food overlays and thanks for the help


@Jeremy / @Sydney_H could you please close this thread? Thank you!



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: