👾 ARCADE NIGHT | Rockified's Outfit Contest [Round 1]

“Out of all games, your seductive impression is the one the player’s cant beat. Glistening under the neon nights, you made your statement crystal-clear: Tonight, it’s game on. Style a fierce retro look for a socialite spending the night at an arcade.”

Scoring will take place at Friday the 20th, designer with the highest rating will judge alongside me next round and pick the next challenge! :eyeglasses: :sparkles:

Designer's Recources


:musical_note: Music:

Outfits, edits, outlines, and arts are all welcome, good luck stylists! :crown: :purple_heart:


Hey, this seems cool. Can I join?

Can I join too? :two_hearts:

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@maya_reihnard | @Yuke

~ Everyone is welcome to join! :two_hearts:




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So cool!! :purple_heart:

Here are mine:

~ Enjoy :blue_heart:

Yeah!!!, glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure if I would match the theme or not. :sweat_smile:

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