~Arctic Foxes Art Thread~ {Closed for now}

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Can you do something like this?

would like to request a big cover title boss lady
I would like them to have four heads touching and his hands on her cheeks and bandages on his hands maybe some bruises on his body and her hands on his arms and he crying
Mika’s details
Gold 06
Furrowed Raised S / Chestnut brown
Long Dreadlocks/ Dark Brown
Deep set Downturned/ Brown Pale
Chiseled Angular
Grecian Narrow
Full Lower Lip Sharp/ Tan Deep Neutral

Scare on forehead and have on black shorts

Amelia’s details
Rose 02
Straight Medium/ Strawberry Blonde
Long Stright Lose Solid/ Strawberry Blondr
Deep set Upturned Wide/ Hazel
Round Soft
Defined Natural
Full Heart Pouty / Blood Orange Gloss…

Just have like a gray background

Would you like it drawn or edited? Sorry I should have put it on the forms

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Drawn please

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But I won’t be able to take your request because I’ve filled my three requests slots, and I won’t be taking requests until after August 4th.

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Title: Fire And Silk
Author name: Bad Apple
(although I would really prefer it if I could add my own text)

Background: whatever you find comfortable to work with, I have no preferences.

MC female :
Hair: Sleek Ponytail, Brown Black
Skin: gold 03
Eyes: Deepset Downturned in brown pale
Eyebrows: Arched Natural in Deep Brown
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty in deep red (either matte or gloss, whatever is more suitable)
Face shape: Diamond

Male LI:
Skin: gold 03
Face shape: Triangle Chiseled with Scruffy Beard
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken in brown black
Nose: Straight Flat
Lips: Full Lower Lip Sharp
Eyebrows: straight medium scar in Black Dark
Hair: Military Fade Cut in Brown Black

Which Artist: @CD_Erugo

Extra details: The LI is very dominant, I would love for this to be shown.

Something like this will be perfect, of course if it can be toned down a little bit so it doesn’t break any guidelines. Also if the artist doesn’t feel comfortable drawing this kind of art, please let me know and I’ll figure something else out.

Drawn or Edited: drawn

Let me just point out that I don’t mind waiting , as this story is still in the making. Therefore, since the artist is busy until August 4th (earliest), I don’t mind waiting a month or two. Thank you in advance.

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Okay, that’s fine.

Hey ! I’m maybe able to do this !

Hey! Thanks so much :relaxed:. Just let me know if you can or not. I’m in no way an artist but I’m pretty sure this may be really difficult (since its not an edit or anything.):joy:
If you can I’ll send the outfits that I want there. Have a great day!

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Hello! I would like to request a drawn cover please! :blush:
Title: Nightmare of the Night Shift
Author: Megan Rose
Background: a black background with two hands reaching out towards the character from behind (something like this but with human hands instead of skeleton lol)
Character Design:

Body: neutral 01
Brow: arched natural & deep brown
Hair: short wavy asymmetrical & chestnut brown
Eyes: deepset almond & blue green
Face: round soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips: medium downturned pout & pink hot gloss

Body: neutral 03
Brow: arched bushy & dirty blonde
Hair: crew cut & dirty blonde
Eyes: oval wide & hazel
Face: square defined
Nose: roman straight broad
Lips: medium heart & fair neutral matte
Extra details: for poses, could Emma have a shocked pose and Brenden have an eyerolling pose?
Thank you so much, and I’m sorry if I missed anything!

Yes please send me all the things you need to have there

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Hi, I was wondering how my quest for a cover is going and my art-scene?

Story call A big step in L.A.

I don’t know how many spaces you’re doing / can fit but here are two mannequins that i have

Clothes: punk look jacket, music video sparkle black tights, ear bud, tattooed rocker boots, ringed tank (sonoma blue),

Clothes: ear bud, black biker jacket, black shorts onesie bottom, black herringbone tights, lavender suspender top, purple hologram boots

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I just also wanted to make this clear so there’s no confusion! I don’t need the cover anymore, so I don’t want you to stress about having to make mine.

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What do you want there to be (besides the weapons and the computers)

I would like for there to be some drawers or storage space somewhere ( so if there’s anything that she need to get but it isn’t pictured I can just say she grabbed it from a drawer… There is only one character who will be there. I picked this image because ( i don’t know if you watch the show) it’s the simpler version of the arrow cave; in the sense that the arrow was more along the lines of working alone. ( this is just to give you a vibe of what the story is about-not that I want you to make this :joy:). Also if there could be a lever somewhere that could be good too. Thanks and sorry that is alot. ( No rush though!)

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Yeah I finished the seven seasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I totally get what you mean ! I’ll try my best !

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Lol, I’m too scared to find out what happens after the middle of the 7th season. Thanks so much again & Enjoy your summer!

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I’m soo sad :cry: after seeing it I was like: “ I- Is this t-the end :sob::sob:
Glad it’s not

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Do you have any backgrounds in mind?