~Arctic Foxes Art Thread~ {Closed for now}

Not quite, let me see if I can make the overlay less MB

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By the way … what’s MB ??

Megabytes, I’m pretty sure.

The file size a little bit too big for episode.

Is this question for me because I got a few messages???

Edited PfP



Character details:




Which Artist:@Atniel

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Hi, I would like to request an art cover for my story.
Title: What You’ve Always Wanted
Author name: Shronus
Background: picture or description: Don’t have a preference…choose a background that u think would fit best
i guess similar to this
Characters: full description (screenshot is optional)
Skin Tone- Rose 03
Brow- Arched Thin
Hair- Bouffant Long Wavy…Color- Chestnut Brown
Eye- Female Generic…Color-hazel dark
Face- Diamond shape
Nose- Defined Natural
Lips- Full Hearty Pouty … Color- Pink Beige Gloss

Skin Tone- Rose 02
Brow- Male Generic
Hair- Wavy Taper …Color- Black
Eyes- Deepset Heavy Lid…Color- brown dark
face- diamond soft
Nose shape- straight pointed
Lips- Medium heart…Color- Fair rose matte

Also for the clothing, u can choose whatever clothing u want…it doesn’t really matter

Which Artist (optional): I would prefer @Irridescent_Iguana but tbh anyone who is open atm is fine with me

Extra details: I will give a brief description of what I am looking for… I don’t have definite pose for but i can somehow describe it: maybe have the two characters hugging-ish? something like this

but have the male character not be frowning as much, maybe a bit more happy and confident kind of mood

Drawn or Edited: Drawn please

Thank you! If you have any questions of anything message me back!

Hello :slight_smile: . I would like to send a request for an overlays. I would need a restaurant table with two plates on top with food in it, two glasses of wine half filled. I have you but an example of the table that I would like if it is possible of course and if you have the time. I don’t know whether to choose an artist or not. I hope my request follows the rules. Thank you in advance for your answers. have a good day :slight_smile:

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I need help with making these into overlays



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thank you

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Hey ! I’m’taking your request @aelyna

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Thank you very much :blush:.

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It should be ready in less thean 30minutes

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Just a quick question , what kind of food do you want on the table ?

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spaghetti bolognese and salad … if it’s possible

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Okay !

Make sure to give me credit :sweat_smile: : @the_best_psycho on Instagram
Here ! One with the plates full of food and one without


Thank you very very much :blush:. Okay it’s noté :smile:. Yes i give you a crédit. Thanks again for your work :blush:.

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Haha pas de problem ! (No worries )

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