~Arctic Foxes Art Thread~ {Closed for now}

Would you like a character detail sheet?

then can you help me make an overlay?

A counter, tables with chairs




Is this the thing you might be looking for?


I used ibisPaint x and have custom fonts.
If you would like to use: readerMessage Thank You to @mel.epys on Instagram of the Character Details OR Credits to @mel.epys for the Character Details (if used on Instagram or in a post)

This is the background I got from Pinterest:



Is this what you’re looking for?


If you would like to use: readerMessage Thank you @mel.epys on Instagram for the overlays!

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Can someone make a splash saying “turn your sound up?”

Thank you in advance :two_hearts:

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Hello! I am new here, and I saw you on the Splashes waiting list!

Is this what you’re looking for?


If you would like to use please credit me:
readerMessage Thank You @mel.epys for the Splashes!

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Do you have any main characters or anything you want on the splash? The more details the better

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I would like it kinda dark theme or. Bright theme

It’s also in INK

Main Characters:


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hi, again
I need some overlays, 4 desks in this background

this cover in a better size view like 640x1136

and an overlay as the counter from this background


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I’m taking your request !

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The first thing I want to let u know is that I had request this same art scene from LunaLillies Art Shop! back in May, but since then they close and I haven’t gotten my art scene so I decide to see if I can get it from here instill

Background: picture or description: Hospital nursey it can be any hospital nusey.

Character details: full description (screenshot is optional)

Which Artist (optional): @LilyLunaEpisode or @Golden13256 or @Irridescent_Iguana

Extra details: He is standing in the hosiptal nursery hold a baby in his arms and look down loving at his son with a baby girl in a crib/hosipatl bed where they keep the baby, beside him. The guys look down to his daughter as well.

Can I also get another art scene with the dad have the two baby, a boy and a girl, laying on his chest like skin to skin content close up. If that okay if not thta fine too.

Something like this

When you need it: By the end of August or The first week of September.

Awh! I love it!! TYSM!!

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Title: The Elf Escapees
Author name: (I do not want my name on it)

Which Artist @CD_Erugo
Extra details:
Drawn or Edited: Drawn

No problem !!

I really need a art made ??? Can you do it???

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Who do you want?

@CD_Erugo isn’t available, she left the group sorry

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So you don’t have know one that makes art?

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We have a lot of people who make art. But which one? You can always check the examples