~Arctic Foxes Art Thread~ {Closed for now}

Of course !

How is this ? Sans%20titre%20170

Yesss​:heart::heart::heart:that it​:+1:

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It’s good

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You sure you don’t want anything changed ? I this your last word before I start drawing ??

thank you for this thread, i would love a review <3

I could review it.

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thank you so much, could i get it by PM please?

Sure thing, it’s currently 3:24, so I’m guessing our time zones are different.

Oops, this was meant for a text message. Not you, oops.

Could you send the link?

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Thanks hun!!

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Nope u good :heart::heart::heart:

Hi! just requesting a pfp
Background: sunflowers
Character details: full description (screenshot is optional):

Character deets

Body; gold 02
Eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Hair: Messy sock bun (dirty blonde)
Eyes: round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: Heart defined
Nose: round button
Lips: small heart (pink peach Lt gloss)

  • Varsity coat plain school polyester emerald
  • Side stitched button up jeans denim blue denim
  • Lace up sneakers cotton cornflower blue

Pose: (either animation name, or specific description, or photo reference): laugh giggle pose but if you could move the hand away from the face that would be great, if not that’s totally fine

Which Artist (optional): I don’t mind


I would do it… but I don’t do limelight… :confused:

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Ooo, I’m up for it, when would you like it?

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That’s ok

Yeah sure!

Yea, I can’t move the hand away from the face, unless you want a really weird looking character. :sweat_smile: