~Arctic Foxes Art Thread~ {Closed for now}

Okay !

Make sure to give me credit :sweat_smile: : @the_best_psycho on Instagram
Here ! One with the plates full of food and one without


Thank you very very much :blush:. Okay it’s noté :smile:. Yes i give you a crédit. Thanks again for your work :blush:.

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Haha pas de problem ! (No worries )

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I need help with making this

into a good 640x1136 background/Cover, try to change the face so it looking forward, still confused


Hello dears! I’m Adelaide, or Addy, but most people call me Thorina! I would like to request a splash, but… I need it with character features on, could you do that?

Skin: rose 3
Nose: round button upturned.
Face shape: Diamond.
Hair: Messy sock bun
Hair color: Warm brown
Eyebrows: arched natural
Eyebrow color: chestnut brown
Eyes: deepest upturned wide
Eye color: Icy blue
Uhm, any artist is fine.
Take your time making this, I don’t need it that quickly, but it’d be nice to have it soon, thanks. Love y’all!
(Forgot the lips: Full heart pouty
Color: rose light nude gloss.)
Lol, excuse my tardiness: Clothes:
Floral lace dangling earrings, grey black
Shortsleeved fit and flare, black& white
Floral black crown
Clear high heels plastic black

Extra: Could you please but all the features in order, I’m on mobile and it’s hard to do that, thanks!

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hi again,
can someone make this into a overlay?


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I could only do those I’m sorry :

thanks, it’s more than what I could do

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hi, do someone know how to get people behind desk in the cafe background INT. CAFE OL - DAY?

You can use an overlay

Would you like a character detail sheet?

then can you help me make an overlay?

A counter, tables with chairs




Is this the thing you might be looking for?


I used ibisPaint x and have custom fonts.
If you would like to use: readerMessage Thank You to @mel.epys on Instagram of the Character Details OR Credits to @mel.epys for the Character Details (if used on Instagram or in a post)

This is the background I got from Pinterest:



Is this what you’re looking for?


If you would like to use: readerMessage Thank you @mel.epys on Instagram for the overlays!

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Can someone make a splash saying “turn your sound up?”

Thank you in advance :two_hearts:

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Hello! I am new here, and I saw you on the Splashes waiting list!

Is this what you’re looking for?


If you would like to use please credit me:
readerMessage Thank You @mel.epys for the Splashes!

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Do you have any main characters or anything you want on the splash? The more details the better

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I would like it kinda dark theme or. Bright theme

It’s also in INK

Main Characters:


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