Are 16 year old characters allowed to do the deed, or do they need to be 17?

I know in some countries the age of consent is 16, so I’m curious what the current guidelines are for episode characters.


from the guidelines:

  1. Nudity / Sexual Content:
  • a. No depiction of sex (or anything suggesting that sex is occurring at that moment) in any form, including but not limited to, nudity in a sexual context, gyrating bodies, oral sex, or moaning/groaning.
  • b. No explicit sexual details of what is happening, has happened or will happen off-screen
  • c. No nudity without censor bars or scenery to censor
  • d. No reference to orgies, sexual fetishes, and specific sexual positions
  • e. No descriptions or depictions of non-consensual sex. Through content or through choice selection, the reader must be able to give consent to having sex or performing sexual acts (i.e. reader must always have the option to turn it down without punishment or judgment)
  • f. No graphic/explicit/detailed description or depiction of active, ongoing sexual abuse involving a character who is under 18 years of age.
  • g. No graphic/explicit/detailed description or depiction of illegal relationships such as incest

To be safe, I wouldn’t show any part of it and just elude to it having happened.
Not being prude-ish as I know that teens experiment and whatnot.
I say this because it could be offensive to someone and/or it could be that their place of residence has a higher age of consent… and they may flag your story as having inappropriate content.

So, yeah, I would stick to just eluding it happened without any kind of description.


ummmm what kind of story your making of a 16 year old @Streampaw

well some story get away with it :sweat: that why i don’t read alots romance and Mafia it like they makes the character do stuff and story of other doing the same things but some story is different and don’t have it in but some do :disco:


True that some get away with things that others don’t and it’s a little ridiculous.

That said, if a popular writer jumps off a cliff, and lives doesn’t mean that the next person will make out the same. ya know? And the last thing this app needs is more questionable content. :joy:

O.P. As I said, I would just elude lightly that it happened but offer no visual or narrative of it. Also, if it doesn’t benefit your story or characters, why use it at all. There are so many other ways to show the bond or connection between two people that doesn’t involve sex.


and even readers is sick of it i even watch they reaction


true :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @ColeCatalyst

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Hi! @ColeCatalyst
:sweat_smile: well i not jump off a cliff with character because time jump off is time they not help you back up and even jump off police not come :sweat_smile: and true more questionable because they think this is tiktok were said hey bestie and even have to do all kinds of stuff like uncomforable what tiktok makes all kinds of song :sob: and even i don’t have tiktok and i not watching it because that is something else if look what some people watch on internet you see it . For real why they used it for i always have a questionable why do in need of a character in a scene if it not importance i read book in real life i know what in book of author need not how they code script as in you know a benfit way

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