Are children developing faster?

Hello, boys and girls! Today I raise the question: Are children developing faster? You see these young people on social media, especially girls, “acting” much older than they are, from as young as 11. Now, to talk about a child’s development, we need to talk about: PUBERTY.

There have been multiple studies on how children are developing faster during puberty nowadays:


Keep in mind, these were made years ago, some more recent than others.

It is apparent that girls have been developing more quickly over the years, so they look like they are older than they are (12 years old looking 15, etc). I also look older than I am! Well, why is this?

Why kids are growing faster

There is no definite answer. However, many people believe it is due to what we eat. Factories putting secret ingredients in popular foods children/teens tend to eat, therefore making them grow faster.
Another reason is the environment. This article explains more on that:

Even though children are growing faster, we must not sexualise them! It is not their fault.


People are also starting to get their wisdom teeth at the age of like 14, I did, and like two of my friends did too

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I think children think it’s cool to act older because they don’t realize the actual importance of their childhood and want to just grow up faster.


I feel like girls for example layer their faces with makeup since age 11 too look more “older” and “cool”.

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When i see smallet kids with off-the-shoulders and stuff i’m like they looks cute… but what are their parents doing?

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I was the latest in my class. I’m between 18 to 29 years old now and I hit puberty I was 14. I didn’t grow much until very late.

I think some are developing way faster nowadays

Personally, I started development at 8 or 9… But yes, they are developing faster.

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