Are covers really important?

I want to invest in beautiful covers and I think artists should be rewarded for their hard work. But I don’t have 60 dollars for every cover, I know some of them are cheaper but anyways. I want people to read my stories, but I’m afraid to not have the “best” cover to attract people.

What do you think?


Cover aren’t really that important, but it’s a good advantage to have an eye catching cover to hook your reader to want to read your story.


That’s true


Mhm, so don’t worry about it being all “the best” or “picture perfect”. Do what you can, work your magic. :cowboy_hat_face:


I think covers are very important! A good cover doesn’t need to be a professional art piece though. Edits are equally appealing for covers in most cases. You can request edits or make your own!


Thanks, I have a friend who makes beautiful covers, but I don’t want to overwhelm her with many requests :((


Thanks for your honesty, I would try my best to have an amazing cover


If she is busy, then yeah u can’t disturb her that much, but try to ask in art shops on the forums. There are pretty good ones. U can also check out @Lin.Steeles art shop too!




You could tell our art shop we have no request at the moment and there are some amazing artist!

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Covers attract readers, but the story makes them stay. So I guess it is important, but the actual story is more important


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These are my covers that were edits (for examples):

CoaFJ ink cover


AoS cover


I do choose a story based on its cover, but it doesn’t really have to be really really good so u could try spending $20

Or I like really good edits that have like different poses and stuff like that

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No one should have to pay $60 for a cover, yes artist should be rewarded but that is entirely to much to spend on something you can only use as a cover on a app, there are artist who do realistic gorgeous art for free on forums or edits always look amazing also but $60 I’d kind of a lot for every single cover


Depends on what you want like if you want a 2 character then yes it may be 60. Also depends on the artists quality and time taken. :smile:

I think covers are a useful and attractive method to hook readers up. It appeals to the reader and they will become curious to open your story. Drawn covers aren’t necessary because I know some edited covers that have caught my attention. It’s pretty nice to have a cover and probably will get more reads. But, what matters is your story because that is what is going to make the reader keep going. But, the cover is a great way to make your readers curious. :grin:


People can spend what they want. Some covers actually cost $300+ believe it or not. If someone thinks it’s worth that, then it’s their choice.
I’ve spent $60 (for 3 characters) and I absolutely don’t regret it. I think it was worth the investment :woman_shrugging:t3:

I don’t think you necessarily need to pay for a cover though. For me, I had the money and I considered it to be worthwhile. I definitely think it helped with reads.


I understand that but that’s just my personal opinion, all of my covers get done for free from the same person and it’s realistic and helps with the reads. But it was just an opinion your entitled to yours as I am mine :heart:

Edit: I’m not trying to debunk anything you said I don’t know if it comes out like that, I’m just saying $60 for every cover like she said at the start of the thread might not work out for everyone because not everyone has jobs or can get that money, majority of coders are under 20 some still in high school and can’t get that kind of money


Of course, but saying it’s a big no no just made it sound like you were discouraging anyone else who was considering art and saying that they shouldn’t spend that :woman_shrugging:t3:. I completely understand that not everyone wants to spend money on covers (or has the money), and I don’t think it’s necessary either :slight_smile:

I agree with all this.

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Yeah I should have worded that better glad we could find a silver lining :+1:

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