Are Custom Overlays Possible On Characters?

Is there a way to take an overlay and graft it onto the character’s skin? Like if you designed your own tattoo for your character could you map it on to the arm or whatever? Since I’ve never to my knowledge seen anyone do this and most characters with tattoos have the basic ones in the outfit catalogue, I’m assuming it isn’t possible.
If it IS possible, I need help figuring out how to do it.


I’m writing a thriller where the antagonist is a cultist serial killer and s/he carves a particular symbol on their victims’ torsos. Like so:
It would be great if I could design an “outfit” for the bodies and then just “dress” the victim so it’s consistent.

You can make it a overlay and spot direct it everytime your Character moves

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That might work! Thank you!

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You’d only be able to use overlays, u could always make a character overlay with the tattoo marking on to use (:


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