Are gem choices getting a bit much?

Why is it all the featured stories have sooo many gem choices each chapter that cost 20-30 at least each and a lot of them aren’t even major things like there was even a secret handshake for 20 gems. At the pricing of gems it becomes ridiculous and I can’t imagine many paying out so much for all these choices when many of them hardly make a difference and when you’re literally limited to 5 playthroughs of that story so what you’ve paid for is even limited in how many times you can make use of it. I understand they need to make money but at some point it just gets over the top. It seems almost every choice in featured stories is a gem choice no matter how small it is.


Yeah, I agree the prices in featured stories are high and quite frequent. Sometimes even plain ridiculous. But they must have some level of success with the millions of downloaders they have and if it’s making them money, it’s unlikely to change.

Although I feel sorry for people who pay gems for outfits and whatnot only to have the same choice pop up later and those who did not pay can acquire the same outfits for free. :no_mouth:


I do agree they cost way too much for a choice and the sad part is you only get one gem in return for every chapter you complete on a featured story and it’s not even the full or complete story . yYu would still have to go on the community reads to be able to finish reading that story


Agreed, there are too expensive and 19 to 29 gems for a gem choice is a bad price!
It obviously that featured stories are just about picking the good choice which is the gem choice.

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This is why I watch play throughs instead of spending gems. Then you can see the mediocre difference like the MC’s friends liking her without coughing up the money. :money_mouth_face: I only still read them for gems and to add to the wishlist. Most of the LI’s are crap anyway so wouldn’t want to spend gems on them. :woman_shrugging:


I came to a point where I don’t really care about the gem options anymore, I just tap away until I finish the episode so that I get the gem reward skshjsjs :sob:
Although one option really triggered me, there was an option where a dog is scared of the dark and I had to choose whether I let him out or “It’s just a dog anyway” option like- these are getting out of hand. Dogs can have my heart so I got super pissed.


It would be a lot better if the choices had a major impact, and were less expensive too.
I’m sure that if the outfit and dialogue choices were ranged from 5-15 gems, people would be a lot more willing to pay for them.

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