Are lots of gains bad?


Is it a bad idea to do a lot of gains and story affecting choices in one episode?


It could get complicated but if you feel equipped to handle coding and a complex storyline, go for it, babygirl


Yes, it is :joy:
For sure it’s a lot of work but it makes story more entertaining :slightly_smiling_face:
But go for it!


Thanks, I bet I can handle it.


Thank, I got it


As long as you use unique gain names, you can have as many as you want.
The more the merrier. At least for the readers. Maybe not so much for you that need to do the coding, but as long as you keep a good organisation and make sure it all work, you should be good so I’d say go for it.
Good luck and happy coding.



@Ryan can you close this. Kind Sir?


It can be helpful to add gains to most of the choices, even if it doesn’t effect the story much, sometimes you can use it.

There’s also an easier way to remember choices that works pretty similar, but you need less names.

You can “name” the choice.

for example:

choice (OPTIONS)
“option 1” {

#whatever comes in here!

} “option 2” {

#whatever comes in here!

} “option 3” {

#whatever comes in here!


and later you can use it like this:

if (OPTIONS is “option 1”) (

#whatever comes in here!

} elif (OPTIONS is “option 2”) {

#whatever comes in here!

} else {

#whatever comes in here!


You only need 1 name and it works between episodes too.

You can also make a choice between a few names that way, that you can use the names “meanings” or whatever later in the story.

But you write it like:

choice (NAME)
“First Name” continue
“Second Name” continue
“Third Name” continue
“Fourth Name” continue

and so on…

Then you can use it as a name choice:

[NAME] is the name the reader chose and it appears as it.

Or the same in a condition.

Good luck with writing a story!