Are men allowed to dress femininely in islam?

In my episode story, a male character likes to dress femininely as he does not believe in toxic masculinity. However he wants to convert to islam. is it haram to dress femininely

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not islam but i’ll bump this for you🤍

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im not islam but i think it would likely be haram :thinking: maybe try googling it ?

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Yes it’s Haram in Islam because they are to look decent and religious.

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Umm, as a muslim, I’ll say that it is haram, but in islam we don’t judge people, god and only god can judge them. so if you want your character to dress like a woman, go ahead, but it’s haram. :heart: :heart:


I mean, you have to give any Muslim character the same level of complexity as you would a Christian (or Christian by default) character. There’s a tendency on the app to be “Can Muslims do this? Can they be that?” in a way no one ever asks about even religious Christian characters and in a way that doesn’t address the various cultural influence on Muslims from different parts of the world & different intersecting identities.

In the strictest interpretation, yes it’s not acceptable. But Muslim men who dress femininely exist just like Muslims who do x thing or y thing also exist. It doesn’t necessarily mean their faith is any less strong and it also doesn’t mean they don’t have a complicated relationship to religion just like any other person. You may have a lot of additional nuance to add to a character going through the process of conversion.

Also, I’m glad to see more gnc men and gnc characters in general but toxic masculinity is much more entrenched in society than just the clothes someone wears. It’s typically not a matter of whether or not someone “believes in” toxic masculinity, but how they weaponise their privilege and power in society based on their gender, and how their understanding of the world is based on being socialised in certain ways according to their gender (and many other identities). Just something to think about


hey i’m an islam here, i would say yes because there’s different rules for how a man and woman should dress here
but do i agree with some of them? no
i personally think clothes don’t have genders and everyone should he comfortable in what they are wearing
my religion teacher said that girls should wear clothes that covers everything because it can cause distraction towards men
and i think that’s bull, instead of teaching women to cover every inch of their body that god gave them, why don’t we teach men how to behave, how to control their body and emotion
we were taught about equality but in reality, there was never equality between men and women whatsoever
i’m saying that what we wear does not define us,so as a decent human being, we should let others be happy and comfortable in what types of clothes they want


I want to make something super duper clear - Islam is the religion, Muslim is somebody who follow the faith. So you cannot be “Islam” lmfao.

Anyways, honestly as with a lot of subjects this is where subjectivity come to play - gender assignment to clothing is a societal construct not a religious one. In many Muslim countries, you can encounter men wearing kaftans, long “dress” like clothing (they are not dresses but basically they wear long loose clothes due to their hot climates and in the West they may be viewed as dresses). Some cultures will have you encountering long skirts/dress like clothing such as longhi in places like Bangladesh as well as sarongs, etc. Also, on a conventional standpoint I would say it is a safe bet to have a male wear conventionally “male” clothes. Also, one can wear anything they want and not believe in toxic masculinity. A dude can wear a suit and believe in healthy ideas of masculinity or a dress and believe in toxic masculinity. There isn’t always a correlation between how somebody dresses and their ideology. I think @hibiscusgravy put it fantastically.

Other ways to show a man who believes in a healthy idea of masculinity is making him polite, respectful, non judgemental and open minded - he respects the decisions of the people around him and doesn’t go out of his way to explain crap just because he has a dingdong. One’s attitude can rep their ideologies rather than their clothing choices.