Are my character’s plots interesting?

So I gave MC and her friends their own storylines. Are they good?
Dain (MC): She is your average Korean teen. Studies hard, listens to music, goes shopping with friends…But she has a dark secret. World famous k-pop idol Sungmin is her neighbor. Each night, she spies on him. She can’t keep it a secret for long, because the netizens start reporting…
Jennie (BFF): She came from America. Her Korean mom wanted her to go to school in Korea. She practices photography and comedy, but one day her camera went missing.
Somi (bully? kinda): With her rough home life, she takes her pain out on other people, even her boyfriend. She doesn’t trust anyone enough to tell the reason she is the way she is. Insecure, paranoid, self-hating.
Chaeyoung (BFF2): Closeted demisexual. Will anyone accept her? She can’t even tell her closest friends. But Brandon knows. Will he keep it a secret? Probably not, considering he’s Somi’s boyfriend…
Jessi (BFF3): A bubbly girl who originally lived in Vietnam. She is learning Korean with the help of the teachers, and her only friends.
Brandon (Somi’s SO): Foreign student, Somi’s boyfriend, SECRET STALKER?! He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. Nobody is safe from him. Will he tell everyone? Probably.


It is really interesting :heart::heart: I would like to see them in action :heart_eyes:

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