Are spotlight stories a good idea?

From what I know, people prefer cinematic to spotlight, so while using spotlight is easier, is it a good idea?


I think it’s a good idea and you should go for it, especially if you’re a beginner. Spotlight stories can be amazing as well and if you’ve read the app whose name I can’t mention then you’ve already seen the style and know how wonderful it is.

HOW TO: Spotlight Format

P.S yeah there’s probably going to be people who won’t read because of the style but you shouldn’t let that deter you; so there will always be people who won’t read a style based on looks as opposed to the storyline (think, the limelight vs ink debate).


To be honest I personally wouldn’t read one. I tried and couldn’t even finish the first chapter.


One of the special things about episode that sets it apart from other click through storytelling apps is the cinematic style. It’s quite difficult to get reads for spotlight stories but it isn’t impossible (ie proxy is a good spotlight story, and the author was able to do way more branching than she would have with cinematic)

I will say lots of people will tell you that cinematic is really hard to do and while it’s harder to do than spotlight, but don’t let that discourage you from writing.

To me it was pretty easy to learn. But that’s only because people like Joseph Evans, Episode Notes, Mary D. Sava, and Episode EllyYT make great tutorials. :blob_hearts:

Honestly, i think using cinematic will get you more reads. The pain that it takes to write it is worth it. Ive never one gotten through one episode of spotlight

yes, I read a spotlight story and I enjoyed it. GO FOR IT!

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