Are tapable overlays released yet?

I wonder if they have given a release date yet?
As many know I’m making a story with puzzles that use tapable overlays
(thank you to all the people who have tested my puzzle and gave feedback.)

But it’s just occurred to me that they may not have released them yet meaning that they may change something in the coding which could (depending on how they change it.) effect the mini game I’m hoping they don’t as it’s taking me ages to make this game with on going improvement to make movements and placing of the overlays. Anyone know when it could possibly be released?

They haven’t released that information publicly yet, or even told the beta testers. Even if they did, beta testers aren’t allowed to share that information. All any of us can do is sit by and hope they get released, or at least hope the final coding gets confirmed, soon.

In the story Adrenaline there is a part where you have to enter a code into a keypad and you tap the keypad to enter the code

Yep. Tappables are still in open beta, which means that anyone can use the code (official beta testers are allowed to share the guides), but it may still have glitches and the coding may still change on short notice if there are problems. We still don’t know when the full version will be released, though.