Are the ideas of student-teacher relationships normalized, and why?

As I’m creating this topic, I see that there have been previous threads covering student-teacher romances. My main question is, why do you think it has become normalized? My theory is that PLL started the movement with Aria and Mr. Fitz.

What do you guys think?

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In my opinion it’s kinda popular because it’s something “Bad to do” or “prohibited love”

I would do it if the teacher was only 3 years older than me lol / I don’t think there is a teacher like that tbh but haha lol

I think it’s beyond creepy. I’m 18 and the youngest teacher in my school I think is 21/22 so there isn’t much of an age difference, however, teachers are in a position of care to students and should see them as children they are responsible for. If a teacher came on to me even though I’m legally an adult I would be freaked out as if they break that boundary I don’t think they should be responsible for kids. It shouldn’t be normalised or romanticised, it gives kids 13+ the wrong idea about what is acceptable between teachers. :unamused:


Stories about forbidden love have been around for centuries. It’s something that readers, writers, filmmakers, and audiences have been fascinated by ever since. Now, to relate it to students, high school students spend most of their days at school and deal with a lot of hormonal changes and curiosity regarding romance and sexuality, so because of that and the propinquity effect, they’re most likely to find a boyfriend/girlfriend in school than anywhere else.

Spending most of your days in high school + forbidden love + a certain preference for an older romantic partner = teacher-student fantasies.

And the more it’s normalized in the media (like on Episode), the easier it is to normalize it further in people’s minds.

Since this is a thread to just talk about why this trope has been normalized, I hope I don’t have to precise that teacher-student relationships should in no way ever be normalized. Anyway, that was my hypothesis, I hope it made sense :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with everything you said, but you put it much more eloquently than I could.


I hate this kind of relationship so much .

I know it happens sometimes and it might be the right thing in some specific circuminstances but I don’t like it at all.

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I find student-teacher relationships to be wrong, even if a student is 18 years old. Just because something is legal, doesn’t always mean it’s morally right. An example of this is a medical professional having a relationship with a patient. Legally they’re allowed to date because they’re both 18, but it’s morally wrong to have a relationship with a patient (affects care, inappropriate, etc.). A teacher is an authority figure. They’re there to teach people, not to find their next hook up. And, in a lot of cases, teachers use their authority to manipulate students into having sex with them. In addition, most students are minors. But, writers on this app like to get away with these overall inappropriate scenarios by conveniently making all the high school seniors 18 years old (when in general, most seniors are 17 until their graduation year). Thanks for coming to my TED Talk…