Are the new hairstyles from Envy, My First Everything etc. Going to be released?


I really like the new hairstyles and want to include them in my stories.


I assume they will eventually, just like they did with the previously “new” styles… They might be doing some finishing touches, testing, seeing reactions, or just teasing lol :joy: I hope they release them soon too though~


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I would try to figure out the coding to include them in your stories. I’m planning to do that honestly lol. That’s how we got hidden Ink features & animations (I remember it use to be the athletic male face shape, fishtail braid, some hair colors, playing drums animation etc.) They were hidden but I guess someone kept trying to find the right word combinations & it worked.

You just need to type in the name of the feature typically & have the characters change into them like cc templates. But episode might’ve learned their lesson w/ Ink making it more difficult for LL. It also will have a high probability of glitches depending on how long they’ve been working w/ the features. It will give errors & warnings if you do figure them out as well.