Are there any curse words we aren't allowed to use in stories?

Any at all?

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I know all curse words are blocked in the story creator on the app, but if you give a warning before your story starts I feel like you’re okay.

Hi @theother51 :wave: You might wanna review the content guidelines as they are the official rules regarding creating in game content. Hope this helps! :peace_symbol:

We can use the words goddamn/damn, darn, heck, butt etc, right? Or else it’s better to submit my story script to Disney… :roll_eyes: (I’m joking, FYI!)


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I’m pretty sure most things are fine. I would stay away from dropping the C bomb though - That’s just nasty.

(Btw, Is that Hamilton I see in your profile picture :wink:)

perhaps! XD

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: