Are there any Game of Thrones fans here?

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been driving me insane that teaser that HBO dropped over a week ago. Darn it!! Will they die? I’ve been dying for GOT to drop the damn trailer already! Too much waiting. :smirk: Any who…

What do you guys think about Daneyris and Jon Snow? I mean they’re both related and they had sex. Of course they didn’t know but STILL! I know the first battle will be in Winterfell. And supposedly Daneyris is pregnant… What do you guys think?


oh please it is not even in top 50 over crazy stuff happening in GOT

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Me me me!! :dragon_face:

I loveeee game of thrones, April can’t come quick enough!!!

Daenerys & Jon… that made me :face_vomiting: even though we could see it coming!

Gonna be a good ep when they find out haha!!

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Did you mean Game of Thrones? :smile:


If I have to mention absolutely everything crazy that is bothering me about the series, it’ll be the longest essay you read in your entire life! :joy::joy:

I just really need that trailer if I’m going to make it until April :frowning:

That’s exactly what I meant. :joy::joy: My first language is not English so yeah, bare with me. :wink:

It’s fine, your English is really awesome :heart_eyes_cat:

Also, it’s bear, not bare, that gives a different meaning :sweat_smile: :heart:

And I’ve checked out the books before, just a little though, but it’s been a long time :nerd_face:

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Thanks again for the correction! Looks like I’m going to have to start carrying a dictionary with me again. Oh wait! I could just ask Siri for help! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: LOL.

Well I’ve NEVER read any of the books… Oops! I’ve only watched the series on HBO. :blush:

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Nah, you don’t need to. Even Native English speakers make mistakes :joy:

And that’s really impressive, I always admire when a person who doesn’t have English as their first language speaks in it. Idk why, it’s just cool :sunglasses:

Also, I should check out the show, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how it’s really good :tada:


I literally LIVE AND BREATHE GAME OF THRONES! (The show AND the books) And I love Daenerys so much… if she or Arya dies, I rebel

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You’re right about that! :100::100:

Oh, I’ve never really gave it that much thought! :thinking:

Well I recommend it! The action and suspense in the show is at another level!!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Please don’t say that! If they die, I will burn down Kingslanding with Cercei inside :sunglasses:

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MEEE! ugh
I cannot wait for the last season
It’s literally making me sick waiting until April
If Jon dies, I’ll lose it
Or Arya…
I just KNOW they’ll rip my heart in two no matter what :sob:


I’m trying to prepare myself for a catastrophic ending but I just can’t!! We’ve lost so many good actors in the series, losing another good one like Jon or Arya will end me!!:persevere::persevere::persevere:


I KNOW! :sob:

My boss also watches and he is fully convinced Tyrion will get the throne lol
Which, honestly, at this point it wouldn’t surprise me too much with everything we’ve gone through


We’re like immune to any crazy ending with what the show has put us through!! :rofl::rofl:

I honestly think Jon will be the one to sit on the throne chair, he’s air to the throne and such a good man. Also very handsome! Although he might be in love with his aunt, Daneyris, I doubt they’ll end up together when they find out the truth. :open_mouth:

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Yes, I’m sure something will happen to split them up lol
But I think he will die because he’s so beautiful and sweet, the creators have no remorse! And it would please too many people to put him on the throne lol I really hope he does, but I’m very pessimistic in the idea

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Darn it! You know what? What if for the first time in the history of Game of Thrones, the creators please the audience?? I want like a crazy bloody battle at Winterfell, one that makes the north people go down south! Where he can reunite with Samwell and he can then inform him that Daneyris is his aunt. Somehow between all that chaos Cercei is overthrown and the people choose Jon Snow as their king. Ufff. Yep, that’s not going to happen. :joy::joy:

That would be the biggest twist ever! lmao Because NO ONE expects to get their happy ending!!

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