Are there any gay stories?


Hi, i’m Allison and i’m a lesbian. Episode is a really fun app but I feel a little left out with the romance categories. I’ve only found two stories in which my character is lesbian or bisexual, but all of the other ones automatically assume you’re straight. I was wondering if there are any stories other than the ones i’ve found in which the main character was LGBTQ+. (So far i’ve found: Haute as Hell, and Pitch Perfect).


Hmm here are some stories:
My bad Lesbian stepsister
H & V: Fire Slay the Lesbian heroine
Haute As Hell


Matchmaker maybe a suggestion for you. Its plot was good and you can choose your interests.


I Highly recommend Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni :slight_smile: The directing is beautiful. There are also many love interests including girls!


Hmm it is because of some people don’t read and the creators find it hard cuz no one read it


Demi lovato. You can chose whether to like a guy or girl.


i think birds of passage has female love interest


Demi Lovato


i wrote a story called for her. which is gay af :joy:


Bad boy bachelor island
For one of the love interest I think u can choose which gender.


You can. I also like the story Singles At Sea.


I suggest Adrenaline as well it was amazing I can’t wait for more episodes and she is great at coding.


The first two are my stories, ty <3 :smiley:

I’ve also written:
Lesbian Catfish
My boyfriend’s Lesbian sister

I also like
Lesbian Love Triangle by Shannon
Carla getting married. By S. Jason

I also love Envy by Cindy Gaultier :slight_smile:


I wrote a story called, “Fake Love” by JessieXO. I’m an LGBTQ+ YA author. This is centered around the MTV cancelled show called, “Faking It!” It’s about two girl bffs, “who fake a romance” in order to become popular, but one girl is not faking her feelings for her bff. My story is different because centered around real life experiences between closeted youth, it’s more relatable, and it’s less cliche. There are many twists and the main character is GAY AF! There are other characters who are LGBTQ+ in the story.

Please give it a go and tell me what you think. Also, I will be continuing to write LGBTQ+ stories, so stay posted for those. :slight_smile:


Some that I know of that provide LGBTQ options are Slayer and Equality, both by @amepisode and there’s Spotlight: Borderline by @Echo_D and A Selkie’s Kiss by @HumanBean and She & Her by @viola_musaraj if you like the Spotlight style. Pretty much anything by TORIAH and she has about five different stories. Love & Dance by @andreaelle is a good one as well.

There’s more but this is all I can think of at the moment. :sweat_smile:


I totally get what you mean, but there are actually a lot of diverse stories on Episode! I love to write, and whenever I write/script on Episode, I almost always make the main character bisexual or bi-curious.


Thank you as always for sharing some of my stories :heart_eyes: you’re too good to me :hugs:


I went through my favorites and compiled a list of games that I have played. Disclaimer: if I list one already mentioned or if I misspell an author’s name or title, I apologize. In no particular order:
Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier
Claimed by the Werecat by Alexa
Waiting in the Wings by Beth (Charity Sweet)
Goldilocks by Cold Milk
Lesbian In College by Meg
Hollywood Life by Logan Adams
New Places by L. Guyton
Lesbian In High School by Meg
Adventures Away Argiyon by writer.LB
The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee - female LI added after episode 7 (I think), a couple of spots you are subjected to kissing a male, but the story is incredible.
Princess and the Jock by Bylyra
Detention by Quinn Scarlet
The Kettle by April H.
H & V: MELLONTIKOS by Ana Stacy
Love Is Not An Abnormality by Ana Stacy
H & V: Alter by Kingsley
H & V: Love & Let Live by S. Langdon
Playing Her Game by Beth (Charity Sweet)
Tumblr Girl (Lesbian Edition) by Stories by E.
Love Has No Gender by Cluvsk10
Affair On Air by Meila Summers
H & V: Keep Your Enemies Closer by Katpphic
H & V: Blurred Lines by SK Tales
H & V: To the Edge of the Galaxy by Therese
Finding the One by Stormie
About A Girl by Christine R
Galileo - School of Magic by Les Funk
Star Power: Hollywood Hero by Meila Summers
Dream Teacher by JJ Cameron
The Dark Assassin (Lesbian Romance) by Dawn Breaker
My First Kiss by Vidi
Chasing the Moon by Drea M
Chaos and Control Drea M
Celebrities by S. Winter
Perils of Fame by Annabelle
Heir to My Heart by A.B.
Cherry Lips by Violet Sage
Cupid’s Arrow: Forbidden by Evil Ebonni
Design Your Date/LGBT by Ana Stacy
Bill College by Meg
Questioning by Meg
Mr. or Mrs. Right by M. Black
The Lady Who Stole My Heart by Ana Stacy
The Trial by Stormie H.
Cupid’s Arrow by Jeshika
Freening by M. Black
Cupid’s Arrow: Princess Charming by Sharon Rose
Studs And Sonnets by writer.LB
Love Quest by Katie and Maddie
About A Lesbian by Queen J Flower

Lol. This list was longer than I thought.
I hope you enjoy!


Yay stories I haven’t read yet. Thank you!


Here’s a few gay stories:
1. Adrenaline
2. Lesbian House
3. Zezzy Montero Takes On THE WORLD
4. Love In Florida LGBT
I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: