Are there any new clothing items coming out anytime soon for LL?

Just curious if any new items were coming out anytime soon for limelight?

Whether it be hairstyles and/or clothing and accessories?

you mean ink? cuz limelight gets updated every week

No I mean limelight. And stuff is not added every week. I’ve been writing for a little while now and I’ve only seen very few items be added.

They will not be updating ink for a while. I think there is a thread about talking about ink updates, I guess.

Those new items that u see in Limelight, like the skirts, n boots, were the new updates. They will be updating Limelight now n then. New customization features are also updated with new hairstyles, etc.

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not every week. They will be updated, lets say, “often” but not every week.

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but they just came out with new lipcolours along with skirts hairs etc

What hair is new??



go check it up on the writers block!

@kaylaashleyjackson Look at the hairstyles. So once u go to the thread, which I just send the link to, u can see the rest of the pictures, and other things. :wink:


I had to completely close out my browser and log back in for them to show up. So looking at the topics new items only come out around once every month?

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I am not so sure about that. U can ask @Liz she keeps us updated about new things that are coming out.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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She will respond, so dont worry about messaging her :wink:

Np :wink: :sunglasses:

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I can tell you that you shouldn’t hold your breath for Ink updates. Not saying it will never happen…but Liz has explained on the forums many times what is going on with INK.


yeah she did in a thread.

nahh, everything was explained, and its all good to go. :sunglasses: