Are there any new clothing items coming out anytime soon for LL?

This was already explained above.

The best place to find any Limelite update info would be to frequent the Announcements Section of the forums as that is where the team post’s updates.:peace_symbol:

I understand that. I am waiting on someone that was tagged to answer how often these updates generally come out. I am waiting on a confirmation that it is once a month or as it grows, will updates become more often. I know how to find updates.

I understand that, I was trying to help by providing information that Liz was probably going to reply to you with. Keep in mind, I speak to Liz almost on a daily basis :wink:

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I appreciate that. But my question still hasn’t been answered…

We know.

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Limelight can be updated often, often I mean like, waiting couple weeks, then boom there is a update. I dont now how long, month, etc they will update limelight. So, whenever there is an update, liz will make a thread about it.

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Ok thank you.

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New limelight updates come out nearly every week on Thursdays. You can check here to see whats been released


:raised_hands:t3: @kaylaashleyjackson there is your answer. :sunglasses:

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Appreciate the final answer!

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