Are there any other people aroace as me, when did you find out you were?

Are there any other people aroace as me, when did you find out you were?
It bothers me that many people judge me for it…


Not to ”judge”, but I seriously doubt you should knock it before you tried it. Assuming that you haven’t.


Yes, though I had no idea what you meant when you said Aroace. I’m not familiar with the term. I discovered it when I was thirteen to fourteen too, as sexual attraction became more socially expected. A lot of people judged me because they couldn’t understand the concept of not being attracted to another person and most still can’t. It makes me angry when people deny such a sexuality exist or try to make up excuses for me. You get a lot of. “Oh you just haven’t meet the right person yet” or “You should just try it” or “Your just young and you’ll get experience that will change your mind” but seven years later and it turns out it wasn’t “just a phase”. People can be really ignorant about ace in particular and rude and judgemental. Because we aren’t gay, bi, or straight there really isn’t a lot of people talking about the kind of oppression we go through. For instance people trying to force us to be physically active when we don’t want to be. Best advice I can give is just to ignore it. People judge what they can’t understand. I’ve tried explaining to people before that I just have no intrest in being with someone and am happy on my own but they always melt it down to an experience thing. No amount of “experience” is going to change my mind though. Just like being gay or straight it’s not something I chose to be


The same phrases that they say to me, in any case what a nice speech, there are other people like us who understand us. And then, as the sentence says, the world is beautiful because it is varied, not all of us are the same


Straight but never desired those things in a relationship nor have i ever been in one so…take that how u will i get what u mean though(even if it doesnt seem tht way)
Makes me repulsed tbh

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People can be very cold and thoughtless to others who lack interest in romance or sex.

You know what makes you feel revulsion, disgust, or is something you’re simply not interested in; not everyone will understand what you feel, but never feel pressured to try anything. If your feelings about it change down the road, that doesn’t invalidate your feelings now. And if they never change, that’s just fine too. Don’t let other people make you feel shame for who you are. :blob_turtle:


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