Are there any overlay makers out there :))

Hello I need someone to create some speech bubble overlays for me :)) I would give deep description after I have found someone who can do those.It can be a shop where I could request from or someone who I can speech directly.

Thank you so much for answers


I can help, if you still need it!

We can talk through here, & maybe a good description of what you want the speecbubble to look like & the deets!! :blob_hearts:

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I was thinking speech bubbles be like regular speech bubbles. One with that thing what points the way person is right, one with left, one without it and one readermessage. I would like them to be basically the same sizes as episode ones. I would like them to also have place to put name (Who’s talking). I want the colors be different! I was thinking that outline would be like dark gray or black and like the “background”
Untitled be like metallic.



and maybe some red roses on the outline.

Can I also get two thinking bubbles with right and left pointing?

If anymore questions ask right away!

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Okay! I got that! Tho I’ll check if their episode’s size for overlays and I can get thinking bubbles!

And what are you characters names to add to the bubble or do you want to add the names to the bubble?

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I will add names and text myself :))

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Okay! I’ll work on it ASAP! :blob_hearts:

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I finished your speech bubbles!

You also said you wanted roses on the speech bubbles so I added some.

Thought Bubbles

I’ll do your thought bubbles next it’s just more difficult to do fast! I’ll try to get it done today :dizzy:

Please credit me with my forums username @anon37186038 everytime show/used

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@LeonardoDaBetty I edited my reply so the thought bubbles should be in their!!

I hope you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: