Are there any really good greek mythology or wolf stories out there that you know of?

Hi there, I love a good wolf/ greek mythology story on episode. But the problem is… they’re so hard to find! A story may be amazing and have only 10 reads, and then be impossible for anyone else to find. So if you know of any of these hidden gems on episode that certainly deserve more reads, please tell me. If you want you can check out my stories:
“Overused?” Comedy (66 reads)
“Where are you now?” Fantasy (0 reads)
My episode name is EM❤️EPISODE. Both my episodes are on going with the first one having 3 episodes and the second having 4 ( discontinued). Thanks so much!

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The only Greek Mythology story I know is Legacy. :slightly_frowning_face: Some wolf stories are in the fantasy, thriller, and mystery section if that helps!


I love legacy, that’s why I’m asking

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Hm…I’ll let you know if I find others. :ok_hand:

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Cupid’s Arrow: FORBIDDEN by Evil Ebonni (Ebonni Rose)

…that’s an AWESOME Greek Mythology

And I haven’t read any wolf stories so… :blush:

thanks, maybe Ill check it out

I WISH there where more Greek Mythology stories :persevere: But the problem is nobody really knows a lot of it :frowning_face:

I’m writing one! Yay! (but not published…)
Maybe u can check it out when I publish it:hugs:

I haven’t published it yet, but I’m working on one:) l can let you know when I publish it (hopefully any time soon, I’m mainly waiting for backgrounds and overlays approvals) :slight_smile:
But if you’re looking for a 100% accuracy then it won’t help, because I’m kind of mixing up things, so the outcome of the story is unpredictable :slight_smile:

My fantastical story: The God’s Escort has Greek Mythology in it :hugs: I also have a werewolf story called Choosing Between the Alphas

Legacy is pretty good


I have a story called Olympus Has Chosen. It’s about Greek Mythology and is inspired by the Trials of Apollo Series of Books.