Are there any stereotypes toward dominicans

So in my story i’m gonna have a dominican character. Are there any stereotypes i should avoid? please tell me


Tbh it depends. Dominicans come in all different colors. Some are indigenous, some are mixed, or some are white. It just depends on how you are going to portray your character


so shes a black dominican girl. Shes into fashion, makeup, beauty, and shes really social but shes also introverted and shy. Shes 14 years old.

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So she would get mainly the stereotypes that a black girl would get on top of cultural stereotypes of Dominican. You can research more on the stereotypes Dominicans face but since she is black the usual stereotypes that you should avoid are her being loud, too ratchet, ghetto, and aggressive. There’s more but those are the main ones

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