Are these edits good? EDIT ADVICE NEEDED!


So I recently started editing and I think these suck but this is where you come in! What is your opinion on them and how could I improve on the outline, shading, contouring, etc???



They are really good…


@epsd.ama look


Thx :purple_heart:


Wow amazing work!!!


Lol thanks, I’m still looking to improve my outlines because in some of them the heads look flat :joy: :joy:


Lol I see that but don’t worry. We all have to improve. Even the best of the best


Thx :smile:


Wow! They look awesome! I think the hair on your first edit and the girl on the very right with the braid on your second edit is a bit too low, though. But overall, I think it looks fantastic! I really enjoyed the style that you drew them in!


Thanks so much! I was thinking too that that the head looked flat lol :joy: :joy: I’m working on how to fix that but thanks :purple_heart:


Lol ok!


these are so cute!


very nice work