Are these Episode's hidden backgrounds?

So I found these two backgrounds via google image search and it linked me to this thread. @fcukforcookies said theses were Episode’s backgrounds but I cannot find them on the portal? :thinking: Maybe I’m blind or maybe they’re hidden?


I never saw these backgrounds on episode portal…
so maybe those r hidden? or never were on episode? cause I cant remember a story using this background as well


Yeah same. I’m afraid Episode won’t approve them then :sweat_smile: If I upload them

If these are Episode hidden backgrounds, they’re hidden for a reason. Sometimes it’s because of a contract, sometimes it’s because they just haven’t been released to the public yet. I personally wouldn’t try uploading them to reduce risk if they are, but it’s not up to me :heart:

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@Tesbie28 @Winteronepisode
I just upoaded them, we’ll see in a few days :crossed_fingers:t2:

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they’ll get approved, but if episode ever reviews your story and find you using them. i believe they will flag you or something of that nature. they mentioned that we can’t use hidden backgrounds, that’s why dara had deleted the ones she had.

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If they’re hidden Episode won’t approve them in the first place. I already experience that with another background :slight_smile:

also you shouldnt get art from google at all. only use copyright free imgaes. as its against the rules to use copyright matiriel, heck is against the law.

you shouldnt be relying on episode to tell you if its copyright or not you should yourself follow that rule,


I know :blush: I was just searching for some drives of other authors or editors.

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Yes these are hidden backgrounds, Episode sometimes approves hidden backgrounds and I honestly don’t know why, but you still CANNOT use them in your story, if you do then you would risk getting your story removed or flagged so use at your own risk!

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I don’t see why they should remove my story if they approved the backgrounds in the first place :woman_shrugging:t3: :thinking:

It’s usually for copyright reasons that they can’t be used due to, like I said before, contracts made (such as the time when Pitch Perfect and Episode had a contract—people were using the hidden backgrounds from Pitch Perfect and their stories were removed, as only Episode official had the rights to them).

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Well like I said Episode does that sometimes but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use them. If you want to risk your story getting flagged/removed then go ahead.

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Thanks for y’all’s helps. We shall see the outcome :cowboy_hat_face:

also because episode cant always figure out what is and isnt copyrighted.

example I made this, its copyrighted to me, and her I made it for. she can upload it. but lets say someone visted my art shop where it is as example of what I can do, the decide to take the picture and upload it. then episode would approv it. but it would be theft of copyrighted art still. so down the line when they publish I or the author I made it for will see it and ofcourse report it, then episode has to remove it.

I recomend to read this post I made some time ago Explain: why you can not use pinterest or google - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (


@line123462 I totally get that. In this case it’s their background though, so I think they should be aware of their own copyrights :sweat_smile:

yeah, but the people approving, cant be aware always. episode have many many backgrounds, they cant know evry single episode has.

after all they are only human, and beside its not them who makes the backgrounds or write stories, they are just paid to make sure the uploads follow the rules.

you cant expect people to be perfect in any kind of job.

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You’re right. I already got one of my backgrounds rejected some time ago because it was a hidden one which I was unaware of so I assumed they’ll know it in this case too.
Thanks for your help :blush:

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I think its for the people that are episode type of stories, with the gem choices and etc