Are these some Choices Backgrounds?

Are these choices backgrounds?



It seems like it, I recognize the hospital one from their ads

If they are do not use them.

I know that, that why I was asking.


I don’t know if they all are, but some of them are.


Yeah, they kinda look like choices bgs.

What about the classroom, do you know?

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Yeah. Where did u find these?

Yeah and I know the whole copyright thing lecture thing that you give, that’s why I’m asking.


I’m not entirely sure, I haven’t been on the app in a while. It looks like it could be.


Man, I really needed that one. Now I have to go back to a basic classroom, THANKS ANYWAY :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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Ik u know about the copyright stuff just wanted to know where u find it lol


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I’m not sure, but I recognize these ones;

  • The one with the creepy forest from the horror story about a boy who was missing and childhood friends group to find that boy when they discover mysteries.

  • The gym with the Tigers plus there’s Berry High school which makes it clear that its from High School story in choices

  • The night beach, from the summer mystery story

  • The room with the twin beds seems familiar as well as the locker room with “Bone of the Knights”

Maybe check the source of the other ones, just to be sure.


Maybe ask episode?

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These are choices backgrounds, but I like using them for Episode stories because they look way better than the Episode backgrounds. The choices backgrounds are much more detailed and prettier.

If they are, they are so pretty :heart_eyes:

We’re not allowed to use copyrighted material in Episode stories, your stuff could get flagged, your account could get banned, the backgrounds are nice but there are a lot of artists here and on insta making nice copyright free backgrounds - the repercussions aren’t worth it.

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