Are these splashes okay?

Please be honest,
I’m trying to make splashes for my story and I need feedback.
Does it match the theme and do they look okay?

This is the covers, (art did my me) does it match the theme?


These look awesome! Nice artwork btw.

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@ZADDY the last one is really good. I like the overall theme of the first and second overlays, and I’m not trying to be harsh, but the words are a bit blended with the background, so it’s hard to see in comparison, as well as the Instagram logo.
Perhaps you could use a darker font.
The second one is amazing and the drawing on the background really looks good. (And the words as well).
if you’re only talking about the theme (which is pink) then you nailed it!

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Theses are my old ones. Are these better or are my new ones best?


I love them all, like obviously you’re very talented. The only suggestion I would make is to make the words on the splashes easier to see, because they kind of merge with the background. And I had a hard time reading them. :grin:

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The text is a lot easier to see on those! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This one is the best

They are all amazing!!!

Hey look great! But the opacity or color of the texts blends in a little too much with he background, making it a bit hard to read!