Are these stories dead/discontinued

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Most of the stories there say “on hold” which means that the author might be busy with another story, and they will continue it once they have the time. Or they could be on a break (:

Been on hold for literal years(not an exaggeration) thats why im asking ><

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I’ve read my reaper, but it hasn’t been on hold for years. Its better to read others stories then, authors have personal lifes as well so it is difficult for them to balance it out! :slightly_smiling_face:


That be useful if there were others that intrested me :face_exhaling:

Gave up on asking

Have you tried Melia, Amelia, Kelly, Belle, Nala. They have some pretty nice stories ((:

I probably have but
Ill look into em again
Thanks n.n

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Off topic but I love clementinee as your pfp!!

Haha ty n.n
I find her so cute

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