Are these stories ok for episode? Do you think they are apporpriate?

Here are some stories I might put on episode
the story of a girl who a born again Christian in a world where religion is banned. contains death, rxpe and others.
the story of a nazi schoolgirl whose dis abled sister gets sent to a concertartion camp…
If i put triggers would these stories be oke?
~13 year old episode fan xgabbyx

Well I’m not sure abt the first one, cuz if there is rape, so there may be a chance someone report it. And u don’t know that there may be small kids reading episode and any thing could get into their mind🙂 and don’t know abt the second one


im not sure if thats good for the younger audiance but try adding warnings and an age rate.


I don’t think any of these stories should be on there

Just like stories involving rape and abuse shouldn’t be on there

I am writing a mafia series and garuntreed I don’t agree with it being on the app for younger users but for teenagers over a certain age 16 and over maybe should be able to access them any user under that should only be able to access stories like fantasy and sweet romance


The first one you can do, but you’ll need to walk on eggshells, rightfully so and there needs to be a lot of warnings and disclaimers.The second hand, look I don’t want to sound rude. The holocaust was a genocide I don’t think it’s appropriate to do so, even if you have good intentions and are trying to spread a message.


both of these stories would be very bad for episode and properly get reported and deleted.


i understand guys. I wouldnt put them on episode. Maybe I can put them on wattpad or something instead. Do you think they are good ideas though.

can you explain more

yeah i understand…
But do you think they are good ideas? Just not appropriate for episode?

Nazi = Hitler ~ I believe this is a bad idea and not appropriate, I would find it sickening to read and it probably goes against guideline.

Religion ~ Touchy subject

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yeah i understand…
But do you think they are good ideas? Just not appropriate for episode? Because I really want feedback, thanks.

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Wattpad seems like a good idea.

the stories talk about subjects there can trigger a lot of people.

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They can be good if done right. but so can any idea. same have any idea can be bad if done wrong. it all about execution

Yes since if you do it on a cartoony app like Episode it makes it seem less serious than it actually is. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about that, kids as young as 12 read the diary of Anne Frank in school, it’s important for kids to learn about Shoah and if it’s done well it doesn’t have to be inappropriate. Also just because the main character is a Nazi, which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a soldier it just means she’s in the party, doesn’t mean Hitler has to make an appearance in the story. I think the idea could lend itself to interesting content.

As for the Christian thing that seems boring to me but I read a lot of dystopian fiction so I’ve seen the motif a quite a bit. As far as it being a touchy subject goes, everything is a touchy subject to someone, you cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism. If you’re confidant in your ability to pull either of these premises off in a thoughtful, though provoking way, with the care they deserve I think you should go for it.

She is talking concentraction camps that has something with Hitler, yeah he doesn’t have to appear put that is just out of line.

a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution. The term is most strongly associated with the several hundred camps established by the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe in 1933–45, among the most infamous being Dachau, Belsen, and Auschwitz.

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