Are these story ideas good?

So i had some random story ideas and i kinda wanna pursue them but idk if they’re good or not.

Idk if they are cliche or not but i sorta like cliche stories lol


Like a story where you have to try to become the most popular. Like there’d be choices where one increases your popularity and one doesn’t. And the aim of the game is to be the best.

I think it’d be fun but idk.


A group of close friends get targeted by a psychopathic murdering stalker.

I need to work on them more but those are the ideas I had.


hey! I don’t want to sound rude :grin: so uhh excuse me but these ideas are already put out there and honestly what I’ve noticed in this community is people are getting tired of it there’s no problem in making stories like this but it’s getting old and boring knowing what’s going to happen what’s the point but there are people who like cliche stories I may not be the biggest fan of stories like this but at the end of the day authors write stories as a way to escape their day to day lives, again sorry if I came of rude it’s just my opinion :purple_heart: :pleading_face:


Hey girl, it’s fine i asked for opinions!
I understand what you mean. I kinda wanna write a story that’s set in school/college but i just don’t know what :upside_down_face::heart:

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I know what it feels like good luck :purple_heart: btw love ur pfp

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those are good ideas to start with but try to add a little unique twist in there so it can hook readers. what i’ve seen a lot within the new stories that are being released are that they are really complex and unique but they don’t have a stable plot line that will allow the story to develop. people hate on cliches or ideas that have been introduced before for no reason but the reason why they’re so popular is because they have a sturdy base to start the story from…if you wanna write something and feel motivated to, then do it! and remember directing is only an accessory and at the end of the day the PLOT is the one that matters the most. <33


lol thanks!

Thank you!

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I liks idea 1 :call_me_hand:



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Yeah I agree with this too!

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I would be more likely to read the second story personally,

The first idea to me seems juvenile so I wouldn’t read it unless the MC has a strong motivation for being popular. Is it to connect with others? Is it to have more political backing to reach a specific goal? Or to get more followers and make money off of them? Is it to fill a hole in her life left by her parents?

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