Are we allowed to change our story cover after a deadline?

I’m just curious if we are allowed to update our story cover for the Fantastical contest after our story is published? I need someone to answer me if they’re sure.

No, it can only be changed after the contest results have been announced

Thanks, I guess my story is disqualified.

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Oh no!!!

Aww, how come? :thinking:

I changed my cover, but I didn’t update the story.

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Tough rules!

Yeah, it wasn’t even mentioned though.

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Hope you have better luck next time x
It’s a shame that has happened to your story!

Thanks, I will keep that in mind next time.

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If you haven’t updated it should be fine though

Oh, so if it’s not updated it’s okay?

I’m pretty sure it is

Oh, okay, thanks again.

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Good luck x

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Thank you.