Are we allowed to make mini games inspired by other games

So I know when it comes to stories we are not allowed to recreate or make spin offs of other stories or films etc.

But what about games? Would you be allowed to make a game such as (sorry if you have no clue what I’m on about as it is British TV)

Contestants are shown a short animation which depicts a well know phrase or saying

Deal or no deal
24 boxes filled with different cash sums, you pick a box to keep and then have to open them 1 by 1 and what ever is inside you loose, you get offers to buy the box you selected (depending on what cash sums you have lost.)

Family fortunes.
You are given a survey question and have to give answers you think people would have selected (100 hundred people took the survey before the show begins)

Obviously you would have to change the name of the game and not use any logos, sayings etc but could you use the idea of the games or is that not allowed?

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i don’t actually know but i’ve seen it done in some big stories so i assume it would be fine?

It should be ok if you’re not using logos or the celebrities aren’t similar in anyway!

Btw, it’s nice to see another British peep!! I used to love family fortunes! AND THE SURVEY SAYS! :rofl::rofl:

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