Are we allowed to use app names on stories

Idk if this is on the right place.

Anyways, I was thinking of using the tinder app on my story, like the MC would have it on his phone and would be using it. But then I realized… Are we allowed to do that :thinking: Or can we just use the idea that tinder has but just make up some other name for it ?

If it’s not allowed to use the name Tinder, suggest me some names for this ‘‘tinder’’ app for my story.

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I don’t think you could use Tinder because of copyright infringement, but you can make up your own name for that :grinning:

I prefer changing it to “LoveEye” or something like that.


Yeah I was thinking I can’t use the name, had to check just to make sure.

LoveEye sounds goood tho :thinking:


“Love_Now” maybe. I don’t know. :sweat:

That could work tooo.

higher. becuse on tinder you swipe right. in my landguage right is højrer it means higher also.

Wait it’s not allowed? I remember when apps like snapchat or instagram being allowed.

Well idk for sure. But I’ve seen a lot of people turning instagram into something like epigram, tho they could be just turning it onto that just for fun idk

pretty sure there’s an actual epigram which has been given to like 10% of episode readers

Ohhh then idk. Maybe it’s just better to change tinder onto something else just in case.

Many prefer using “Epigram” instead of Instagram.

You’re allowed to mention a trademarked name/product as long as it doesn’t drive the plotline and isn’t an advertisement, and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to upload the logo.


1: “What are you doing?”
2: “Just scrolling through Tinder.”
1: “Find anything promising?”
2: “Not today, it seems. Let’s go to the club instead!”

Not fine

1: “Where did you guys meet?”
2: “We met on Tinder! Tinder is such a great platform that lets you meet blablablabla…”


A story told through phonetext format about one person’s dating adventures and misadventures on Tinder.

Those rules aren’t excessively complex, but most people avoid having to toe the line by just making up imaginary brands.

Well I had planned like the MC uses tinder to meet guys. And like there would be some scenes where the MC text with a person from tinder. Maybe might show it to the reader idk yet. I’ll probably just change it to another name just to not do anything I shouldn’t

or I’d just make the MC talk to someone about a guy they met on tinder and how he’s starting to be annoying. It won’t like drive the plot, just some small stuff.

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:thinking: Hmmm, there’s no clear line between “acceptable, casual conversation piece” and a “big point in the plot,” so it’s hard to say exactly where yours falls. If it were my story, I’d make it a fake dating app if the MC meets the LI on said app, because that’s the point where the app becomes tied with the story.

For reference, the tale of how my story got reviewed and I was walking too close to trademarked names

My story has 2 episodes that are just a standalone game. One is a fill-in-the-blanks-to-make-a-funny-story game, coincidentally similar to Mad Libs. The other was a trivia game where each question had varying point rewards, where I jokingly referenced Jeopardy. Even though both mentions were brief and somewhat comedic, like “We’ll be playing Jeopar—oooooh, I’d better not call it that, that’s trademarked hehe, let’s call it Epy-board :slight_smile:” since the reader was actually playing said games, the mention was more than just an off-hand reference like “I like oreos,” it became an actual plot point, and I had to remove all mentions of the coincidentally similar branded names. The games themselves were allowed to stay the same as long as the word was never associated with it.

I didn’t get in trouble, they just asked me to change it and I did.

Moral of this story: if Tinder is more than just a background mention, a brief allusion to the fact that the character has an active dating/sex life, then it could come into the range of being too much.

Well it deffinetly won’t be a big part of the plot. I’ll just make a fake one and be done with it. Then I won’t need to think whter or not it’s fine.

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Yup haha, that’s how most folks do it. :+1:

Happy writing! :grin:

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